Two team members and I converted SyncFast from a hackathon project to the first product of our company, MacroTech Solutions Inc.

SyncFast is an integrated, cloud-based platform to create, share, and access presentations using low-bandwidth data communication. A powerful web interface allows users to display their presentations from Google Drive. Viewers can follow along in real-time on any device using the randomly-generated access code for the presentation.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we pivoted on our initial vision and worked towards helping schools in the transition to remote learning. Because many students lack access to high-capacity internet, SyncFast helps these students learn efficiently without requiring expensive internet connections. We started by reaching out to teachers in our own school to utilize SyncFast and have begun reaching out to other schools in our community. To date, we have accumulated over 7,000 total users and pitched to venture capitalists and entrepreneurship award programs to raise $16,000 in funding/grants.